Why Begin Fresh is Better

We have partnered with an amazing ranch that has been breeding and genetically testing black and red Angus for over 30 years to be the best tasting and most tender cattle raised on a grass-fed only diet. Their farming practices are of the highest standards we have seen in this highly competitive market. No GMO’s, no hormones, no antibiotics ever, is just the beginning.

The herd is a closed herd, no other animals are ever brought in. The fields are double fenced so they have no contact with other herds in the area. If a cow needs to see a veterinarian, the vet comes to them. If a cow needs antibiotics she is given therapeutic antibiotics and removed from the herd. Probiotics is all the cows are ever given. All of their winter hay is grown on site and never sprayed with any herbicide or pesticide….ever! Sound environmental practices, protecting the natural grasses and ground water, and humane treatment of cows are used.

Black and Red Angus Cows

Detailed records of each cow is meticulously documented so we can provide the following description of all our beef:  #92, also known as Rodeo, ate only a grass-fed diet from the beautiful lush grasses of central KS, no herbicides or pesticides on any of his feed, no antibiotic or hormones. Born on 9-20-2014, mama was Mrs. 35 and his dad was Mr. Big and black, a son of Primstar, his tenderness was 6 and marbling was a 7.

More and more we are seeing the value in knowing exactly what we are bringing home to your families. Here at Begin Fresh we believe in providing a 100% clean option for our customers, from ranch to table, at a competitive price.