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beginfreshgroup_09_Begin Fresh was started by a mom and her two daughters. All being mothers themselves, they are passionate about healthy eating for themselves and their children. Finding affordable, fresh food can be difficult. At Begin Fresh we want to offer you the finest meats at an affordable price. We plan to expand our offerings so please visit often.


A message from Dana Gould, President of Begin Fresh

When I graduated with my dietetics degree in 2006, I can honestly say that eating organic and clean was rarely discussed. The major take away I left college with was the importance of using the food pyramid. How things have changed in 10 years! When we look back on the diets of our great grandfathers we often comment on their morning breakfast of eggs and bacon and it’s always followed by “and he lived into his 90’s!” There seemed to be a freedom with food that we can’t quite achieve today. Now, as a mother I am be overwhelmed with worry and fear associated with feeding my children the right way. Taking all that we know based on science into consideration, I believe eating grass-fed and free range meats is the most important choice we can make for our families. Of course I can’t be perfect, but 80% of the time I will do my best to make healthy choices and I have grace for myself the other 20%. So, make dinner for your family and educate yourself on what is best for you. Eat foods that give you peace of mind. Sit around the table and enjoy hearing your family talk about their day at school or work and enjoy the little things. After all, if we can begin fresh, we can end up a whole lot healthier and happier.