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$500 deposit secures your quarter cow.

Final balance invoiced after the cutting and due before delivery.

Four quarters available. Secure your 100% grassfed beef now!

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We only choose Prime Angus steer with excellent genetics for our cow share program along with all of our pieces sold individually. This steer has been raised only on the finest grasses (100% grass-fed)¬†in Central Kansas at the Circle JM Ranch and certified by the American Grass-fed Association. This is a closed herd and never given any grains, gmo’s, antibiotics (including therapeutic antibiotics), hormones, soy or animal bi-products.


  1. How much meat is a quarter of a cow?
  • Approximately 100lbs, which equals $9-10/lb.
  1. What type of meat will I receive?
  • A variety of ground, steaks, roasts, stew meats, brisket, short ribs, minute steaks, round steaks, marrow bones. (Liver and organs upon request.)
  1. What is the timeline for Cow #135?
  • The slaughter date is August 30, 2018. The carcass will hang for 3 weeks and will then be hand trimmed, vacuumed sealed and frozen for delivery. The final payment will be invoiced after the cutting and due by September 20, 2018. The approximate delivery date is September 28, 2018.
  1. What if I change my mind after paying the first half?
  • Begin Fresh Foods will refund your money minus a 10% fee prior to the cutting, $50. No refunds will be issued after¬†September 20th.
  1. I want to buy in bulk, but 100lbs is too much for me to freeze.
  • We recommend splitting your share with close friends or family members.
  1. What if I wait too long and Cow #135 sells out?
  • We will be showcasing a new cow once this steer has sold out. We will let our customers know when new cows are available in the program.
  1. How is 100lbs determined as a quarter cow?
  • An average carcass will produce 60-62% packaged meat. We estimate at 60%. (We have had cows anywhere from 58-66%.) If you have specific questions or concerns please email us at

Email Begin Fresh for more information and scheduling.


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