What is the difference between grass-fed beef and traditional meat?

Grass-fed cows graze on grass, their natural diet, without eating any type of grain. Grain was introduced to cows for the sole purpose of making them fat faster. Our grass-fed cows are free of antibiotics, supplemental growth hormones, and animal byproducts. Most cows are fattened with corn, made of GMOs. Grass-fed meat ensures your family a more natural diet, free of genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and hormones. Our meat is also herbicide and pesticide free. The winter feed is grown and ground on site to ensure no cross contamination with other mill ground feeds. 

Does grass-fed meat taste different?

We think it tastes better! Central Kansas is known for its lush and flavorful grasses, which gives the meat its delicious flavor. Cows are brought from all over the country to graze. But try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

What are the health benefits of eating grass-fed meat?

Grass-fed beef may contain more than twice the amount of beta-carotene and lutein that is present in conventionally fed beef. The cholesterol content of grass-fed beef has repeatedly been shown to be lower than the cholesterol from conventional beef. You’ll find yourself getting 500-800 milligrams of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) from a 4-ounce serving of grass-fed beef. This amount is approximately two to three times greater than the amount found in non grass-fed beef. CLA is unique in its chemical structure, and this uniqueness is associated with an increasing list of health benefits, including immune and inflammatory system support, improved bone mass, improved blood sugar regulation, reduced body fat, reduced risk of heart attack, and maintenance of lean body mass.

How does Begin Fresh support the ethical treatment of animals?

One of our ranchers said it best, “We provide the best life for them because they sacrifice their life for us.” Grass-fed animals take more time to grow and fatten up and therefore can’t be sold as quickly as their corn, grain eating counterparts. Grass-fed herds are generally smaller and aren’t subjected to major industrial feed lot practices such as smaller living quarters. They have better living conditions, more room to roam and live a better quality of life. We think the slightly higher price is a small one to pay for the health benefits of everyone involved.

Where do we ship and deliver?

We ship anywhere in the 48 contiguous states at a flat rate of $20. If you have specific shipping requests or need overnight shipping please contact us via email or put ‘overnight shipping’ in the notes of your order. Customers in the greater Denver area can select our $10 delivery option.

What got you into this?

Our president, Dana, received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado. She has always been interested in health and fitness. After a few years of living in Kansas, researching grass-fed animals and becoming a mom, Begin Fresh was born. Dana, Julia and Dawn had always lived in metropolitan areas and were now living in more rural communities. What we discovered was ranchers and farmers who raise the best quality meats don’t always have the time to market their products to the public. This inspired us to make healthy meats more accessible to the average city dweller who desires a closer relationship to their food.

Why don't you have a subscription service?
We would rather put together personalized bulk orders of meat that you want and are interested in preparing. We hope that by being able to pick out your own products, and even ordering in bulk, that you are able to get the highest quality meat out of your grocery dollars. Go to our contact page and send us a message if you would like to order in bulk. Orders are a minimum of $300 and we will pass on as much of a savings to you as we can. This is the best way to receive our lowest prices.